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    Viewing current inventory

    Sorry if theres a better place for this. I recently decided i wanted to try to grow a n. ampullaria, and am running into this EVERYWHERE.

    It would be most helpful when viewing plants for sale if you had the option to sort or otherwise filter by plants currently IN STOCK, thus saving me the trouble of scrolling through item after item after page to verify that you don't have the plant I am looking for.

    Sorry for the sour tone. It just says you have 18 (nepenthes) products available when really there is just one, truly available. I know selling carnivorous plants is not a money making endeavour and I thank you for doing it at all, but seeing what is available at a glance would be hugely helpful.

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    Sorry for the delay and thanks for the suggestion. But I'm at the mercy of the store software since it's just a store software I use and not one that I've built. I believe years ago when I looked into this others had suggested it but it seems an option still has not been put in place. :-\
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