A few people have asked who I am. Some seem to think I'm a guy sitting on 20 acres out in the middle of a sandy desert, driving a horse pulled buggy! Well, I do live in Tucson, Arizona. but we are a normal city with over 1 million people.
As of the date this is written, I am 28 years old. I have 2 kids, Laurel (2 years old) and Caiden (1 year old). I am married to my high school sweet heart for a few years now. For my "real" job, I am head grounds keeper for an apartment complex. My wife also works a full time job (48 hour week min) and we have no baby sitter/daycare. We work opposite schedules to make sure we're always with our kids so I guess you could say we're pretty a pretty busy household!
As far as the greenhouse, it's nothing too special. It is 8x16x10 (LxWxH), has an RO/DI system current storing approx. 17 gallons of pressurized water which feeds a 1000psi fogger for humidification (on a cycle timer and humidistat). There is a Mastercool swamp cooler on thermostat to keep the heat down, and a 30,000 BTU propane heater on thermostat and a 1500w oil filled space heater for the winter.

Here is a quick glimpse inside the greenhouse as I work to separate Sarracenia for the 2008 spring. (picture taken mid Feb 2008)