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Thread: Carnivorous plant growers from India?

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    Carnivorous plant growers from India?

    I grow carnivorous plants. Interested in connecting with other growers in India. Particularly if you are growing drosophyllum...

    Currently growing:
    • byblis liniflora, byblis guehoi
    • pinguicula agnata, gigantea, collimensis x gigantea, gigantea x (heterophylla x medusina), aphrodite, esseriana, (and some others)
    • drosera burmanii, finlaysoniana (indica complex), spatulata, (alleged) adelae, some others unidentified
    • nepenthes ampullaria, ventrata (if it survives), miranda
    • venus flytrap "all red" - barely germinated

    Currently germinating:
    • more droseras
    • byblis liniflora becoming weeds, gigantea, lamellata
    • drosophyllum (fingers crossed - failed often)

    I've been lurking here for a long time, mostly reading up. Thought it might be nice to find people from India.
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