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Thread: For Australian Carnivorous Plant hobbyists

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    Quote Originally Posted by ___NickJS___ View Post
    Everyone should post their setups!
    I don't have much of a set up compared to some growers lol but here's a few pics -
    My plants are just on my balcony on some old furniture that was here when we bought the house lol it does get some pretty impressive light at certain times of the day though, all the plants seems pretty happy so far.

    And these are my seeds currently sown, just out in the backyard. Have covered kitty litter trays in glad wrap for humidity and made funnels to easily top up the water levels and help with air flow. We only have Bunnings around here, so if you can't get what you need you have to get a bit creative lol. Hoping for at least some success, but it's my first time trying to grow CPs from seed and the weather has been very inconsistent....

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