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Thread: Does anyone frequent aquarium forums?

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    Here's a couple great links in this thread.

    Specifically, this 50,000 gallon tank!

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    I use monsterfishkeepers.

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    I used to be on the AFM Magazine forum, that's where my swords monkier was born. I was into Amazon sword plants at the time I registered. I don't even know if that forum is still online but there was a bunch of good folks who helped me be successful at setting up and keeping the Japanese style planted aquariums I was in love with at the time and filled my condo with.

    On occasion I want to go back and setup a manicured planted tank again but I haven't done so yet. I did even buy a TOMs hang on mini-canister filter a year ago or so that would work great for a densely planted - sparsely inhabited 40 gallon breeder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RL7836 View Post
    Joe, I'm curious what you were looking at in the planted tank forum (Steve's 1st link). When I looked they had ~550 people in the forums and most of the topics were being updated constantly - aka: it seemed like a lot more activity than here.....
    I guess I was referring to the very low movement I was observing in that particular part of the forum. I noticed their new posts lists was very busy later - apparently I was lost in the crowd instead.
    Nice catch xvart - that was definitely one of the threads I was thinking about.
    News on the garden project; condo is leaky, there's some question as to whether the indoor garden should be planted wet at all. My solution? Drip irrigate with dehumidifier output.
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