Last summer I was keeping a large germination tray stocked. When I move I became busy with work and life, and didn't notice the water tray had cracked. Well everthing dried out, and I saved what I could. I'd say I caught it in time to save about 95% of the plants. I still had quit a bit of soil in the tray so I didnt throw it away even though a corner of it was crushed when my roommate ran over it one night. Sat. my girls and I were working on the plants, and I figured I'd take out the soil to combine it to what I was potting up, since I knew there were no more living plants in it. I found 3 Sarr seedling. 4 D. binata "multifida extrema" coming back from roots, and a Dionaea 'red dragon'. The only water that this tray has received was from rain fall. It had dried out completely many time over the last few months, and was kept in almost complete shade.

It just goes to show you how hardy these plant really are and wht they can survive. I was really astonished so I thought I'd share.