Before going any further I want to note that I have permission to post this from the Admin so please no replies about how sales are not allowed.

I don't know how many people are on the listserv here but there was a recent post there that I figured everyone might be interested. Henning von Schmeling is selling off his entire Nep collection. I figure this might be a good way for interested people to get some nice Neps if they are interested.


The original message is below:


I am finally ready to unload my entire Nepenthes collection. Have lots of plants, many too large to ship. If anybody is coming through Atlanta come by and pick up plants or if you have a request for a certain species send me an e-mail off list at . I do not have a list of all my plants, don't have the time unfortunately. US only, prices vary from 10.00 to 350.00 plus shipping if any.