I was reading some articles on wikiHow and stumbled upon some interesting ones. I think you guys might find them amusing…

"Don't actually do anything evil, because it may result in turning evil."

"A fly that's been in the water for too long might actually be dead, in which case you can't bring it back to life unless you are some kind of prophet."

"Consider extending your arms and saying something like "yay", "yippee" or "hooray" if you are jumping because of excitement or joy."

"Consider keeping paper towels or napkins handy for spills and to keep your remote from getting clogged with crumbs."

"Girls will get jealous."

"Don't close your eyes at the scary parts. This will just make it scarier. Instead, bring an MP3 player and play slow or classical music during the scary parts."

"Don't tell your friends you are faking. Trust no one."