Hey everyone,

Just a quick reminder that the BACPS Annual Plant Show and Sale is this Saturday (September 22, 2007) in San Francisco near Golden Gate Park.

It's going to be a lot of fun with quite a few new growers that are entering plants for the first time, as well as some of the old favorite growers.

The show opens at 12:00 to the public. If you want to enter plants check the web site for the schedule. You will have to get there earlier as the judging is going to be over before we open.

The Auction is at 1:00

The Raffles are every 1/2 hour starting at around 12:30.

Bring plants to donate to the raffle or auction if you want to support the club in some way and/or share plants with other club members and the public.

If you want to sell plants, please email me so we can set aside some space.

Maps, entry forms, and schedule can be found at www.bacps.org!

Stephen Davis