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Thread: Garden selected for 2008 Garden Tour

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    Smile Garden selected for 2008 Garden Tour


    I haven't been on much lately. Really struggled with my plants this year thanks to the drought. Every storm seemed to miss mid-Michigan and went North or South of us. Had to take all cps except my pitcher plants inside because I couldn't keep them moist enough outside.

    Just a couple of weeks ago some ladies from our Garden Club of Greater Lansing (Michigan)--part of the National Garden Club--came to check out my gardens because they had heard it was different than most Lansing gardens.

    They saw my miniature shrubs and small trees that grow year-round in containers. They checked out my traditional shrub border and my newly rebuilt raised shade garden. They also saw the start of a MINIATURE BOG GARDEN in a container.

    This afternoon I got the call I dreamed about--I was selected for the July 2008 annual garden tour. They only select a few gardens to visit each year and you don't have to be a club member to qualify (although I am a member).

    I am so psyched after this. It sure motivates you to get everything just perfect when you know around 30-40 gardeners will be coming to your house!

    One of the things they will see next year is pitcher plants growing out in the full sun in a self-watering rectangular container. It will be fun introducing them to things you can do EVEN WHEN YOU GARDEN SITTING ON A WALKER.
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    Congratulations! I bet that is exciting!Just don't scare them away with those Man eating...I mean Carnivorous plants! LOL


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