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Thread: ants...and their plants

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    ants...and their plants

    Hi all!

    Well, i have a terrarium full of antplants, i.e. dischidias, hydnophytums, and N. bicalcarata, all which thriving, and up until recently, had no ants. I just realized a newly introduced pot has ants in it! woo-hoo!

    So, i have a few questions.

    I made a mini shelter for the ants to stay in. it's two rocks glued to the sides of my terrarium. I would like to make it in to a sort of ant farm, with the ants living there and going out foraging in my terrarium. What should i put on top of the bare rocks? What do the ants eat? what kind of food can i give them? any other advice is also welcome.

    Second, my hydnophytum has out grown its pot since before i've had it. I kind of like the base cascading over the pot, but i've read they like root room. Is it easy to repot (like shock wise)? what kind of soil do you use (i was gonna use 5:1 orchid bark: sphagnum)?

    Any help is greatly appriciated!

    Thank you!
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    Ants can make nests in the ant plants. Some will be able to "burrow" through the ant plants so stick with something like Formica, or Lasius if you can.

    Put a 2-3 inch layer of vasaline on the top rim to keep them from climbing out.

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