I picked up a reprint of a very old book called "The Vampire; his Kith and Kin" by the friar Montague Summers at the used book shop and checked out the website listed on the back of this reprint just out of curiousity. The comapny is called www.kessinger.net Anyone into old magic books, metaphysical, philosophy, science, history, art, literature, religion, etc. that are in some cases centuries out of print and neigh impossible to get for less than hundreds of dollars would do well to check out this website.

All books are available as the entire book or by the chapter so read the descriptions well! Order fullfillment is done through Amazon.com so if you have an amazon account you're in business. The only difference is that all books no matter the subject or title are sold with a generic yellow bordered perfectbound softcover with merely the title on the front and spine not the original leather hardcovers. However the important stuff, the guts (inside) of the books are all the same, unaltered texts and includes any art or diagrams of the original. Also the original fonts are cleaned up and used giving you the clssical text experience. I hope you readers out there will take a minute to check out the site, I've found books today that I've been looking for, for many years in mere minutes for prices between $15 and $40! Enjoy!