Moleke, I don't want anybody having orgasms in my sword and sorcery tales... Especially not while yelling out for Zack Braff!

Actually I wanted ancient/obscure names because of the (imaginary) time periods I am interested in. I have an old Botanical Latin dictionary that may come in handy. Just the other day I realised that the massive appendix at the end of Tyson's annotated Three books of Occult Philosophy contains both a biographical and a geographical dictionary of philosophers, sorcerers and ancient sites insofar as related to cabalist magic up to about 1500 AD so that's a pretty good start.

There was a great cartoon on Fox Kids about 10 years ago called Mad Jack the Pirate, they had an episode where they stole a mummys toe and the mummy chased them around yelling in a Bill Cosby impersonation "Gieieive bee back bye toe!" The show would have done great on Adult Swim but it was on for kids at 9 am and they didn't get the jokes and impersonations. I taped every episode, I swear Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead) is Mad Jack's voice over!