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Thread: Picture cropping

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    Picture cropping

    I snapped some pics of one of my Heli's this am & made three different crops of the pic. Usually the crop is fairly obvious but with this pic, I have liked each of the three at different times. I am curious to hear some opinions, other possible crops or possibly other pics that have been 'improved' by cropping (original & crop).

    Heliamphora pulchella, Akopan Tepui, Venezuela

    Original (resized)

    Another example...

    Something closer to the original...

    My apologies for lack of focus / depth-of-field issues - I'd kill for SLR control & flexibility...
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    I like that last pulchella and the first cropped hamata pic best.

    I only ever end up cropping things if they're really small in the field of view and I don't want lots of peat mix or sphag in the background drowning my main focus of taking the pic. For example, really tiny utric pics that my camera can't zoom in that many times - it's got 7X optical zoom and ~10 megapixel, but taking a pic of an extra-small u.bisquamata still needs cropping and zooming in in order to be able to see any detail over than a white spot I'm claiming is a flower.

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    The composition on all three of the Heliamphora crops are just about perfect. You might want to move the left margin out a touch on the first crop to show the complete curve of the peristome. That one is a difficult call because the colors blend in with the pitcher in the background making it hard to discern the edge of the peristome.

    With the Nepenthes I'd go with the second crop. I think you want to emphasis the wasp as the subject but I believe the shape, curve and highlights of the peristome leads the eye to the wasp. Maybe tweaking the value levels a bit would make the wasp jump out some.
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