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Thread: Opinions Wanted! Field collecting?

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    I would legally collect seed anytime. I would take cuttings if plants are healthy. I would collect plants if there were hundreds of them (such as certain drosera populations)

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    Sheesh, what a mixed bag of thoughts. Mostly my own ! My first thought is to do nothing that will harm or endanger my own collection. I don't want to give the powers that be an reason to make my collection theirs and to fine me on top of it. On the other hand 99% of the inspectors out there have no idea what is endangered and what isn't, by sight that is. (It's easy to read a tag that says S. oreo !!!!!!!!!!!!!) Most of the Fed. and local guys are busy looking for emerald ash borer, gypsy moth and all the baddies that will endanger the nursery stock and local tree populations. This means alot of busy guys following orders from Ag. directors.

    On the other hand what harm can I do if I only take a few plants and seed pods ? Odds are I won't get caught and they can be shared, right ? Take that thought times 100 well intentioned folks and the population becomes more endangered.

    At this point I'd like to relate a personal story. Years ago I met a guy that had an orchid growing in his yard that was endangered. I thought wow that's neat. As it turned out he had wild collected this seed pod and cultured the seed on his own. Many of the offspring were returned to the wild just off a newly constructed walk/bike path where the original had been found. In this case he had really done the plant a service but it was at his own risk. He took a chance and really risked a big fine but in the long run probably did more good.

    Some gambles pay off some don't. It really works when people like in the ICPS start a progam that lets endangered plants get propogated and spread through legal channels. Now I have to admit that I killed my sarrs. aquired this way but I still had the chance to grow them for a while.

    I guess what it comes down to is your own morals (like anything else). Your comfort level with risk. The size of your bank account. The realtive security you have telling and sharing with friends and their friends etc... It only takes one crack addict to "crack" and give up his dealer and so on up to the last guy. In this case the Govt. collects fines all the way along funding thier CP witchhunt. Then again that's what big Govt. does right ? Justify and justify again.
    Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you, Jesus Christ and The American G. I. One died for your soul, the other for your freedom.
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    I dont think that wild collecting is a correct and proper thing to do, unless the plants are doomed of course, as it can only upset the delicate eco systems that exist, which could, ultimatly lead to the demise of the plant population.

    Having said that all these beautiful and incredible plants that we buy from nurseries, shops etc, and love so much, where did they come from? They were all collected from the wild at some time, bred, hybridised and propagated in numbers so we can all enjoy them at a low cost without damaging the environment, which isn’t a negative effect is it? So have I just argued myself into saying its OK?, I’m confused!!


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