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Thread: SOEXCITED- Let Lolita Live!

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    I am home safe, and happy to report that the rally was a success!

    There were easily over 60 people that attended- a huge leap from the usual 4-5. Everyone had signs and shirts. Pete, and other members, delivered inspirational speeches through a loudspeaker, some of which lead to tears. Spirits were high, passion connected the crowd, and we got LOTS of honks of support! We made heaps of noise, as Pete would say.
    The grand finale after over 100 minutes of standing at the roadside, holding signs, chanting at the top of our lungs and cheering on those who cheered us was:
    Storming the aquarium! All of us, running into the aquarium, we stood at the front by the ticket stands for about a minute, showing our signs, continuing to chant. Until the police officer came, who made us leave. What happened then is amazing (see teh video)
    There was even a camera crew from a local news station! Our story was aired, and it wasn't just that, but the truth about that deplorable aquarium was also shed.
    We definitely got noticed. That part of the mission was certainly accomplished.
    As far as I know, the Seaquarium has not yet taken action. But then again, it's only happened earlier today.

    Now ish time for pickshures!
    Ones I took:

    The man of the hour himself, Pete Bethune, introducing Trevor (who got him there and started Let Lolita Live) who is meekly hiding at his side.

    I'm front-left, my friend is right behind me.

    My shirt got added to :3 *is never washing it*
    A link to the 'official' album- offering a complete view, and you can spot me in a good number of them

    Here Comes The Storm!!

    ...I liked his version of the chant when he'd say "Hey my homies, what do you say?" But whatevs.
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    Glad you had a good time and didn't get arrested! I got arrested/beaten by the cops at the earth day 1992 protest here. Whee!

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    Quote Originally Posted by i<3carnivores View Post
    What it comes down to, your "opinion"/statement of fact is absolutely not relevant to me or what I'm doing and you're just being a troll, pretty much.
    Enjoy your day.
    Liz, you forgot to add "no offense" to that statement.

    Hopefully this'll be the first step to saving an orca's life...
    "I, for one, can't wait to grow Nepenthes extincta!"
    Plant List

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    Oh my gosh!!!!! You are amazing!
    I'd have been there if I coulda been, I'm sooooo happy that everyone stayed safe, and your message was spread. This is a step in the right direction.

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    Awesome pics!
    my growlist:
    My pics:

    <Exo> @Talie......You are the lord of all things blah....

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