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Thread: Need help with couple nepenthes

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    Hrm. That's a bit of a stumper. Are you using the same batch of mix for everything? One thing suggested in the guide I linked to is to vary your mix a little with your strongest plants and see how they respond.
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    Hello, I saw you asked for a little advice in the other thread. First let me say those are some of the slowest growing and just all around most difficult species. I would give them all more humidity if possible. Also the soil looks a little dry but it might just be the lighting.

    N.sp Doorman's I dont grow it so I can't really comment, but to me it looks like it could use a little cooler nights and higher humidity. Light levels look great though.

    N.muluensis It could be a struggle to bring it back to life. I've grown one for a few years now. It is definitely a very slow growing plant even when vining. From the looks of yours I would say it needs more Humidity and maybe even a little more light.

    N.macfarlanei I have had one for years and it never has done much of anything. A lot of the N.macfarlanei going around are hybrids with N. ramispina or N. sanguinea which are also much easier growing. I would give it less light if I were you.

    N.campanulata I've never done well with this plant so I won't even comment.

    N.burkei Also seems to grow better for me in a little less light then most Nepenthes.
    I dont have any new photos but I will try and take some next time.


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    Thanks! That's actually great to hear because I've been slowly moving the mulu and campy to higher light and the burkei, doorman's top 2 and macfarlanei to less light so it seems I'm on the right track.

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    Fantastic plants Jeremiah. Damn!!

    Hi TY, I grow campanulata, macfarlenii as a couple of ones from your list. Personally, my campanulata was easy to begin with. I finally got it growing again since it stopped after I repotted it many months ago. THe mother plant made a new offshoot and the seperated offshoot has started making pitchers. I found it loves high light and requires generally warmer temps than most of your other plants. So, perhaps moving that plant indoors and keeping temps a bit higher at night might help.

    Macfarlenii, I noticed that it is more of a intermediate plant. The form I have is still very young, but pitcher color-wise looks exactly like Jeremiah's. It has always made pitchers and is one of the tougher plants that did well during the summer.

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