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Thread: New Deathcubes spotted in the wild (Lowes, Black Friday)

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    It's only really worthwhile to buy deathcubes when they're on clearance. it's not worth it to buy a $10 dying vft, but a mildly worse off vft for $1.25 is tempting. Also if they have something you don't and you don't want to pay shipping on a site for one thing, but that doesn't happen often.
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    I got a purple pitcher plant a while back had mites, got it for 50 cents, sprayed with insecticide n now its good as new, Also got a nepenthes, Not sure what kind it was looking sickly so they gave it to me for a dollar.Its still small but its got like hairs on the lid, not sure if its because its still young but not big enough to identify.

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