Great pics Thez-yo.

I miss my second home

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I wonder if they ever get plants stolen from them. Beautiful pics.
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@aaddaam: planning a little mischief?
Yes, they have in the past, though the cameras in place now generally deter that from happening any more. Plus, people there (and not just employees/volunteers but patrons as well) tend to be pretty quick to jump on people who do that kind of thing. I saw a number of people get detained/busted by patrons. And one time, Ron Gagliardo and I were "busted" when he was trimming a spike off of a Nep for me so I could use the pollen

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And lucky you, I was able able to go into the secret backroom where all the Sarracenias and VFTs were. Unless the door was closed and I was able to enter it if I wanted to. Oops.
The door to the conservation greenhouse is locked. You either need to know someone there or be escorted to gain entry.