I'm hoping some of you tinkerer/electrician types out there will have some advice for me. I'm getting back into electronics/robotics tinkering and no longer live near friends I can bum tools from. So, I'm in the market for my own soldering irons, multimeters, circuit testers - maybe even an oscilloscope (sometime down the road... had no idea how expensive those buggers were.)
What types of features should I be looking for? Which brands should I avoid/favor? I'll be working with a range of voltages from mains down to microelectronics, so I think I'm kind of crossing specialties. Do I need to buy separate tools designed for each domain?
A lot of the practical knowledge is still a mystery to me - most of my understanding of electronics is textbook/theory type stuff, or from projects that I did with grownups as a kid. So any advice, good books, etc. would be handy. Thanks.