Since I'm still pretty new to the hobby, I don't have a whole lot to offer the community in the way of plants or even advice. At the same time, I feel like a bum for it. This community has been amazing to me, so I really want to be able to give something, anything, back. Really, the only thing I can think of that I have right now and am able to share with people is web hosting. Kind of strange, I know. For anyone interested, I am way more than happy to set up a directory and an FTP account so you can get to your stuff and manage it all any way you want. You're welcome to use the space for anything you like (hosting pictures, hosting a web site, whatever). Obviously, keep it legal and all's well. For those worried about the reliability: well, I've had it since 2004 with no lapses in hosting, and I've never lost anything because of my neglect. Never due to technical difficulties either, but those are always a possibility wherever you go and, as such, it is never a good idea to keep the only copy of something important to you online. I can do subdomains as well, if you need a short URL for a site or whatever. Disk space and bandwidth are both unlimited. I've had downloads from my host upwards of around 1.3MB/s.

Again, I know this is kind of a strange thing to post here but, honestly, it's the only thing I can think of to say "thanks" to you all. So if anyone wants somewhere to host a bunch of pictures (no file size, dimension, or volume limits!) or to host a website or anything, please let me know and I'd be very happy to set you up.

Thanks, everyone, for being so awesome!