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Thread: Just When You Think Thet Don't Notice

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    Just When You Think Thet Don't Notice

    Hi all. I finally have power again from the electric company. The power went out at 9:30 Wednesday night and didn't comer back on for 48 hrs. In the wake of falling wet snow, downed trees, and for us no power means no water, I didn't want to start stressing out to my husband about my plants. But, I have three shelves of plants under lights and three enclosed tanks set up. Among them are five phalaenopsis orchids in spike, two dendrobium orchids in bloom, two masdie orchids in bloom, and a phrag in bloom. I wasn't too worried about the cooler tanks, but I was about the warmer one. Except for three neps under lights, all of my neps, dews and pings as well as some smaller orchids are in the tanks.
    Well the first night passed, and fortunately it didn't get below 60 degrees in the house. I went onto work while my husband stayed home. When I got home that night I found he had set up our generator to power the furnace, the freezer, the refrigerator and some household lights.
    I then headed to the lower level of the house to check on the plants. I knew that with the furnace on they would at least not freeze. To my delight all of the plant lights and air circulation pumps were on. So many times I would ask him if he saw the new blooms on "the plant on the second shelf" and he would say he never even looks at them. I guess he does look at them more than he lets on.
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    So I guess he's a keeper?

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