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Thread: DIY Agar Hydroponics

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    DIY Agar Hydroponics

    Hello Everyone!

    I'm not even sure if "Agar Hydroponics" is the correct word, but let me outline for you what I'm planning. For Christmas, I got a "Bacteria Growing Kit" with the petri dishes and agar powder. And as another hobby, I maintain cultures of the bioluminescent dinoflagellate Pyrocystis fusiformis I have vials of concentrated Sodium Phosphate, Sodium Nitrate, F/2 Trace metals and vitamins, and Sodium Silicate. For my dinos, I put about one mL of these per liter of medium (except the vitamins, which is .5mL/L).

    My plan was to use the agar, with the addition of the nutrients (barring the silicate, which was for when I had diatoms) to grow, say, D. capensis from seed in vitro, after washing them with the classic 10% hydrogen peroxide solution. Do you think this would be crazy enough to work? Or am I missing something? I have grown Arabadopsis thaliana seeds in vitro before, but our instructor prepared both the media and the seeds, and I want to give this a shot, being the eager young scientist that I am...

    Tell me what you think,
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    .........whatever happened to growing stuff in dirt?
    Some days it just isn't worth chewing thru the restraints.

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    This is basically tissue culture that you're talking about. If you search around you can find lots of good info to get you started; I've even seen lab write-ups specifically for Drosera. klasac here on the forums does his own Drosera TC.
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    Agar Hydroponics or what ever the name may be do not matter the information here is very nice. It must go on why it has been stopped. It would have been very much helpful to the beginners like me.
    grow tent and be healthy

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