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Thread: Friend Couldn't Register On Forum

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    Friend Couldn't Register On Forum

    Hello, this is a friend of Jimscott's. I attempted to join this forum, however the "image verification" portion is not present on the screen. When I tried to register, I received a message that said what I had typed in did not match what was displayed. However, I cannot type in what I am unable to see!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimscott View Post
    I cannot type in what I am unable to see!
    Perhaps check the browser and securitiy settings or just use another web browser for registering.

    The captcha graphics shown while registering for this forum is not displayed from the domain, but it seems to be a graphics from the domain included in the registering page.

    So if any security setting or perhaps an ad banner blocker software is preventing the captcha graphics to show, I think you have to do something on your browser or your PC settings to prevent that graphic from blocking.

    Using default security settings and browser defaults and no banner blocker should show the captcha as intended.

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