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Thread: how to seal a bog?

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    how to seal a bog?

    I am planning on building a bog for some of my Sarr's and Dew's.
    I want to use hypertuffa with a plastic mesh set inside (think rebar in concrete).
    As a builder of ponds and water features, I have a few old "coatings" that are pond/fish safe.
    Would these "rubberized" products be fine to use on the bog interior? Or is there something better?
    Pottery sealer came to mind...but I can't find it locally, I would have to pay shipping.
    Thanks in advance for any insight on this matter.
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    I was looking into this, and from my research it seemed to me that using one of those rubberized concrete sealants would probably be best. You'll want to use one that's fish safe just in case, and you might want to do a little reading up on your particular brand to make sure it can withstand low-pH conditions.
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