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Thread: Freezing temps expected in the SF Bay area

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    Freezing temps expected in the SF Bay area

    All of us are probably watching the weather channel like hawks right now, LOL! Or maybe not LOL, exactly.

    I have already stuffed the GH with as many cacti and tender plants I can fit in, and have turned up the watts available on the little heater in there. This makes me so glad I have a leetle GH, that I can get away with such a tiny heater. I am super glad that Sarracenias can handle a little cold. The only thing I might loose are the two forked sundews laying dormant somewhere in there. If I can find them tomorrow evening, I'll dig 'em up.

    Here's to hoping the power stays on!
    If you shake a rain stick, you get rain. I need a hamata stick.
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    Yeah, we are going to get a nice arctic blast down here. ...maybe snow. It would be nice to have snow a second time this year.

    Good luck with your plants!
    -Joel from Southern California

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    I'm in San Diego and afraid... I moved my Nepenthes clipeata, N.campanulata, N.eustachya, N.truncata QxK and N.peltata in

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