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Thread: Under Development

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    Under Development

    Hey everyone!

    Today I decided to take pictures of a few things CPs in the process of developing their traps. These are mostly nepenthes and a Heliamphora...

    Enjoy, and post your own traps in development!

    N. rafflesiana

    N. ventricosa "cream pitchers" - Not creamy yet, but there are colour differences from common one sold.

    N. spectabilis x aristolochioides

    N. sanguinea

    N. ventricosa "squat pitchers"

    H. neblinae - a very nice on for sure

    N. flava

    N. macrophylla AW - very cute, and growing good so far, the smaller leaf is due to a bit of stress earlier

    N. hamata clone 1 - nice new leaf!

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    Oh very well done sir

    And a fine colouring to that spectabilis x aristolochioides!

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