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Thread: My Biolapse Thread.

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    I am FINALLY finished filming. 3 months of filming these little guys virtually non stop with 2 cameras. 80gb of images, and some video footage. Looks like i will be busy. Here are a couple frames from the timelapse sequences.

    It will probably be another 2 to 3 weeks of processing the timelapses and turning them into the final film. I will be sure to put them on the website.

    I have learned a lot, but one thing i feel i have confirmed is you CAN grow these quite well with artifical light. I am using a cheap Dirt Genius and the plants love it! lots of nice dark crimson colors coming through. The only problem with the LED grow light is the bright pink color it emits. SO it is great for a grow room, but terrible if you actually want to look at the plants.

    I have updated the site with lots of information on how i have been growing and caring for them, but for the most part I keep the plants in slotted trays (similar to what you would put pencils and stuff in with a junk drawer) and I sit those in a larger low level tray which i fill with water, its easy to keep consistent water levels this way, but i was still checking them every day.

    A few times i had to take the plants out cause some bugs started living in the moss. Give the a C02 bath and that does a good job of decimating the bug population, but only as a wuick 2-3 week fix. the bug come back.

    Either way, i am finally done filming this project. Looking forward to the next. Thank you everyone for all your input, tips, suggestions, and for kicking me out of the idea that the plants needed to be in terrariums

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    I cant wait for the video to be done!

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