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Thread: cephalotus seed plan

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    cephalotus seed plan

    so this is my plan, let me know if any of it is a bad idea

    going to use chopped dead lfs in a clay pot which will be sitting in water similar to this

    but with water around the pot rather than soil so the clay will soak up the water like a self watering African violet pot

    since I read that germination rates of fresh cold stratified seeds is no better than fresh no-stratified, and the seeds I'm getting were harvested April 29th I was thinking of sowing them with no stratification but I'm still unsure if I should
    and should I add perlite to the chopped lfs?

    so summary
    is a hole-less clay pot in water ok for ceph seeds?
    would chopped dead sphagnum be a good media for them and should I add perlite to it?
    should I stratify the seeds or not?

    woops. this post was supposed to be in the Pitcher subforum. my bad
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