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Thread: Plant sitter in LA area needed for a month!!! Also, some photos ;)

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    Plant sitter in LA area needed for a month!!! Also, some photos ;)

    Hey all, I've been somewhat absent from the forums lately thanks to a very complicated summer, but I wanted to check in and say hi!

    I'm also looking for someone to babysit my plants for the next month starting ASAP as I leave for Borneo on Tuesday. I'd be happy to pay for services, although I'm a student so I'm not made of money haha. I'm in the Santa Barbara/Ventura area, but I could drive them down to LA to drop them off. I'll shoot an email to my LACPS friends as well, but for those of you LA growers not part of the group, perhaps I'll reach one of you here.

    Shoot me a PM if you'd be interested in housing a porch worth of nepenthes and a few sarracenia/misc. I have a few fairly rare and expensive plants, so I'd prefer the sitter to have experience with nepenthes.

    I don't want to post a thread without photos so:

    Paul gave me these seedlings that look pretty promising. I was never much of a sarracenia nut, but they're growing on me:

    ABG briggsiana just put out a basal shoot!

    And some P. "sethos" (I believe)

    Thanks y'all!

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