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Thread: September pics of my CPs

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    Quote Originally Posted by kulamauiman View Post
    I hate freeloading spiders that invade my sarracenia......
    Yeah, makes it a bit rough sticking your hands in to pull weeds,

    Quote Originally Posted by bluemax View Post
    A big part of the reason your plants are still doing so well is you have had the foresight to set up your bogs so they don't need a lot of watering, it seems to me. I'm bowled over that you have such great plants.
    Thank you Mark, you are too kind

    Quote Originally Posted by mass View Post
    Flower stalk city out there!
    Your old smaller bog looks like my old bigger bog. Tall grasses have consumed it.. I mow all around it, but I don't have the heart to trim the grass (and pitchers), or the time to weed.
    Yeah, sometimes the grass/weeds win. I did not do much "playing god" this year in the way of hand-pollinating the sarr flowers for crosses, but it looks like they did okay on their own without my help so may be some interesting stuff come out of the seed.

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    Looking good bro, I'm gonna have to pick your brain about bogs at the November meeting. My buddy and I are determined to at least put one together between the 2 of us next summer.

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