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Thread: Mistking for Sphagnum

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    Mistking for Sphagnum

    For years I've admired how John Yates grows his sphagnum. Literately everything he touches turns into sphag. If you look at this video you can see that he his sphagnum grows even on benches. In his video he explains how his misters come on every few hours I believe, which on top of the light and fertilizer is probably what results in the great growth. The misters keep the sphagnum wet at all times without being submerged, causes air movement, and prevents tips from drying. I was wondering how I could replicate this misting in a terrarium and I came across this: MistKing Misting Systems by Jungle Hobbies Ltd
    I am assuming it would work great for sphagnum and that neps would also love it. Any thoughts?

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    I use MistKing nozzles and they work quite nicely, the resulting mist is very fine as you'd expect. They allow for a more even coverage of whatever's under them, although I'm not sure exactly how much of an advantage you get from some nozzles with bigger droplets since sphagnum will after all distribute the moisture by itself.

    That said, it could be a pretty expensive piece of kit for your purposes. Tap pressure (more specifically a bladder tank that's fed from the tap via an R/O filter) is sufficient for me to run the nozzles properly, and if you look at that kit the pump makes up a good part of the cost. You might be able to find better value by buying only the parts you need and getting the rest elsewhere.

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