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Thread: Sunshine Mix #4?

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    So I got my TDS meter. The local water was just as the water report said. The Sunshine #4 mix measured 112 ppm, and the "plain" peat I bought in bulk measured 640 ppm. Unfortunately I took these readings right before I went to work and didn't have time to transplant my plants back into the sunshine mix. I'm hoping since they're dormant the won't have absorbed much from the peat moss of doom. I guess I can't take the word of any salesman on whether the medium is safe since no one seems to understand what PLAIN SPHAGNUM PEAT is around here. Also, coffee where I work measured 910 ppm. Anyways thanks for everyone's input. I'm going to stick with the sunshine mix for now and use a pH adjuster to lower it back down.

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    I'd be curious to see what effluent from your peat reads after being rinsed through with water a few times. I haven't tested this, but I wouldn't be surprised if peat straight from the bale can have effluent with a fairly high TDS count, especially if the bale has been sitting around for a while. Doubly so if the peat has been exposed to warm, moist conditions.

    TDS via is a really coarse measurement. All you're getting is a sense of is ionic concentration, and not all ions are created equal in the eyes of plants. Do let us know if you get a chance to flush the peat a few times and re-measure the effluent.
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