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Thread: Nimbulan's picture thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by hcarlton View Post
    Love the lamellata flower, but I'm loving those eclipse shots even more. So glad we went up to see the total eclipse; even 99% is nothing by comparison. The smoke shots are interesting too; never got a shot but I certainly saw the red sun for several days here. The fact that you can see sunspots is incredible...
    Yes the eclipse was quite an experience, and completely worth it taking 4 times as long as normal to drive home afterwards.

    As for the smoke, I was absolutely floored how clearly visible the sunspots were through it all. I expected a blurry blob but got a really nice shot instead. I need to get my larger telescope set up with a solar filter or buy a barlow for this one so I can see even more detail.

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    It's funny, we were expecting terrible traffic up to where we went (Scottsbluff National Monument) and back, but managed to hit just about nothing at all; everywhere else was packed though
    Everything has a reason, whether big or small. Never underestimate the power of what is or is not.
    There is far more to everything than meets the eye.

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    Spectacular picture thread - and thanks for sharing the eclipse shots. We only managed a quick pic similar to your horizon shot, but those close-ups are the image from my mind's-eye! Very cool!

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