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Thread: Grey Moss Thread

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    Grey Moss Thread-dsc_0021-1-1-jpg
    P. Emarginata

    A few things that looked nice this week.

    Grey Moss Thread-dsc_0007-1-1-jpg
    Maxima x Lowii EP

    Grey Moss Thread-dsc_0001-1-jpg
    Rob x (Aristo x Spect)

    Grey Moss Thread-dsc_0004-1-jpg
    Jamban SG

    Grey Moss Thread-dsc_0005-1-1-jpg

    Grey Moss Thread-dsc_0011-1-jpg
    Lowii x Campanulata

    Grey Moss Thread-dsc_0025-1-jpg
    Sibuyanensis x Hamata

    Grey Moss Thread-dsc_0003-1-2-jpg
    D. Scorpioidies
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    I love that maxima x lowii!

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