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Thread: Grey Moss Thread

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    damn you have some awesome plants! I got one of the (Densiflora x Spectabilis) x (Briggsiana x Trusmadiensis) but hasnt shown much in the way of color or peristome like that. heres hoping it just needs to get a little bigger first

    prob a long shot as they move quickly but if you know of any sabre or vent x trusmadiensis anytime please PM me.
    lover of toothy species and hybrids


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    Grey Moss Thread-dsc_0261-jpg
    Truncata x Ovata

    Grey Moss Thread-dsc_0262-jpg
    Truncata x Spectabilis

    Grey Moss Thread-dsc_0263-jpg

    Grey Moss Thread-dsc_0268-jpg
    Truncata x (Lowii x Merriliana)

    Grey Moss Thread-dsc_0257-jpg
    Grey Moss Thread-dsc_0260-jpg
    Lowii x Spectabilis

    Grey Moss Thread-dsc_0281-jpg
    Maxima BE 3067

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