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Thread: Plant Damage Question

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    Plant Damage Question

    Hello everyone,

    I have a Nepenthes Sanguinea, large specimen, the newest leaves are about 11 inches long. My parrot recently bit the newly forming leaf off near the very bottom. I’m wondering if that growth will ever repair from there? The plant actually put out a few basal shoots a few months ago so at least it can grow from there. I’m just hoping it will recover at the top and give me those enormous pitchers I’ve grown to love soon again.

    Thanks for any answers!

    If it helps I can post a pic once I have internet at my new place. I actually just moved.
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    The new growth can be damaged pretty low and still recover, if the growth point is damaged too bad and the plant is healthy it will often sprout from a new note at a lower leaf. That said basal growths can take energy from the main stem so that can restrict its ability to recover from up there.
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