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Thread: Is it safe to ship during cold weather?

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    I sent him a PM yesterday, we will see what comes of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicholas_Bostaph View Post
    I probably still would have waited, but the retailer I ordered from lists on their shipping page that they use heat packs, so I'm hoping that will provide a reliable extra layer of protection as well. And I only ordered the temperate plants; I'll wait for March to order the tropicals.
    That begs the question: what kind of heat packs are they using? For winter shipments to the "Great White North", 72hr heat packs are often the only smart way to go. And even then, if there is a delay due to weather or incompetence, the heat pack will likely be done before the plants reach their destination. Much a plant's journey will not be spent in a heated area. This raises the odds of cold damage or death.

    Hopefully they will arrive safe and sound. Personally, I'd have advised waiting until spring temps have arrived and will stay.
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    Well, I never received an email with the tracking number or anything, so I contacted the company. They said they track the weather and don't ship if it looks questionable, so they were holding my order until at least Monday. So I feel better that someone with experience is watching things and deciding when to ship. Hopefully everything will arrive safe and sound.

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