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That's amazing that Villosa and Amp can be happy in the same space.

I am impressed the plants do so well outside. Do you live in a generally humid area?
Nope, it's generally desert with irrigation here. If it does get humid for a few days when it rains in the 'Winter', the next day could have a sudden swing back down to 0%RH in which case I lose most of my pitchers and my dew leaves start getting toasty. Most Nepenthes can toughen up and acclimate to low humidity if you do it slowly, but you will have smaller leaves, smaller woodier pitchers that last less long (except for xTM hybrids), and you'll need to have a larger size pot because they rely on their roots more to gather and absorb water. That being said, there are definitely plants that I can't grow well in low humidity because they just absolutely won't acclimate (alata, hamiguitanensis and peltata do SO bad for me - stunted and no pitchers; robcantleyii - lidless pitchers, etc... Several others I've sent off over the years too). I take a trial-by-fire approach: get a plant, see what it does, send off to a new home if I can't make it work.