Frog Week Wrap Up...

My team is talking about Frog Week 2020 plans as we speak so we will have a lot of time to hit the gym and get more fit as well as try to make more connections within the state to get it more professional.

The expeditions were a lot of fun but it was hard work making every moment count. I was not ready to personally give solid info from a point and shoot type of project I got very excited to be searching for frogs and I wasn't able to explain as good as I normally would if I wasn't so excited. That's one thing I have to work on for the next one is the presentation. That's fine with me though I love improvement.

The expeditions will be in similar places and some we will revisit and some we will spend more time with. I'm very excited to plan this upcoming Frog Week and we have a lot we are working on with technology. Talks of a new camera, so we have two possibly and maybe even a drone. This is stuff we are considering right now! I won't ruin everything in this way too early update and conclusion post.

As for the captive side of Frog Week...

There were a lot of holes in this side. We didn't show Babe and Christian, Ace and Pious weren't very focused on either. Wellsboro and the new members of the Gray Army were actually stars and more featured. The 125 gallon wasn't done and there was no real explanation of The Woods. This was done deliberately. You will soon see Ace and Pious as I am hoping to finish the build before September. These toads will not hibernate until later to make sure they are prepped right. I will make the small 30 gallon quarantine tank look more visually appealing to show the unified Gray Army. Christian and Bane are still the two faces of the Army. Wellsboro will have a major role in the native species of the PA Woods and Forests Community. I'm not going to explain in detail any of this but in time most of this will be explained. The channel will still be heavily focused on captive care but will be accompanied by wild adventures now. This was also why we changed the name from vivariums to forests. So we could cover both. This year has been a rest year for the native species as they have been resting. The Five Lined Dumpy Family is carrying the load and now Frog Week will also be another break for the native species. There will be another category added too which will be before the next episode to feature Ace and Pious. But be informed that they will be coming back to YouTube and the public.

I'll end it with that. Starting this week I will go back to updating you on the lives of the animals of the PA Woods Community

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