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Thread: CPs in the wild - Michaux State Forest, PA

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    CPs in the wild - Michaux State Forest, PA

    I decided I was going to visit an area in PA, Michaux State Forest, that several years ago a coworker told me about a small group of Sarracenia purpurea growing there.
    My first visit to this group was back in 2006. It was nice healthy group of plants. 2008 was pretty much the same. 2010 the center of the group was gone.
    My visit today where the main group was growing had no plants left. I searched the area and found 1 sad looking plant.
    I have also noticed that the Drosera rotundifloria is not as common on the banks of the lake also.

    I decided to take my SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) today.
    I paddled and explored the area for 5 hours today. Weather forecast was 100% chance of rain. That it did several times today. It only rained hard 2 of the 8 times it did rain while I paddled. The other times was a lite, short duration, between the short amount of time the sun came out.

    Here are some pictures from today.

    One of the heavier times it rained.





    Here is a picture of where the group of Sarracenia purpurea used to be growing. None are growing here any more.


    The only plant I found growing 10' from where the main group use to be.





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    Great pics, love the one at water level just beautiful! I was trying to figure out why you took a Pic of a dead Sundew and then I realized it was a spider. 0_o.sad so many are missing, I wonder what's up with that...
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