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Thread: Visiting a plant shop

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    Visiting a plant shop

    So at the end of the NASC Darlingtonia feidltrip (click here to go to it) I had most of a day to myself and I dropped down to a plant shop in Sebastopol, CA. Because I was taking all sorts of pics and video for the tour, I thought I'd do a quick tour around in video/pics here too. I'm not really a vlogger so... here we go, haha!

    Look at that U.alpina flower :O

    This is the other side of that installation

    I mostly just took pictures of flowers because, well, they were pretty.

    Luckily, I didn't actually buy anything because I'm trying to cut down. Futile, I know because I still came home with some garbage/compost plants hahaha. But I always find it helpful to tour other people's grow-spaces and in-situ because it gives me something to compare my growing space to, to maybe give me new ideas on how to fix or improve my own horticultural skills. I asked Damon for some suggestions on plants I'm doing crummy at and pretty much, I think they just want better humidity which isn't going to happen in San Diego. I'll keep brainstorming anyway.

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    Very nice pics and vid! I could buy WAY too much in there.

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    I’m on the same page. I could go in there just window-esk shopping and end up buying thousands of dollars worth of cps. I could go there everyday just to see the cps. Thank you for the photos and the video from your venture.

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