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Thread: Temperature / Humidity monitor?

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    Temperature / Humidity monitor?

    What do you guys use to monitor temperature and humidity? I had a bluetooth device but it stopped working one day after I misted my plants with a spray bottle.

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    I am using this, suggested by someone else on the forum: Cigar Oasis Caliber 4R Silver...

    I mist quite regularly, often hitting the unit directly and it's working well for several weeks now. You can calibrate the RH and it also reacts quickly for a real time read. Only bad thing is you need to be straight on to read the LCD panel well, it has terrible viewing angles.

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    I recently switched to Humidor calibratable hygrometer thermometers, Caliber 4R Silver.

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    I've been using this to monitor my greenhouses for many years since I had a cooler failure and everything in there cooked. They last a couple years out there in the sun and humidity. The humidity and probe Temps are generally the first to go. I'll have the paid subscription for the alerts moved to a new one and keep the old one for referencing. You can also just check the app/site for free if you don't want to pay for alert notifications when something is out of you parameters.
    La Crosse Alerts Mobile...
    Here is what the 24hr graph looks like.

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