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Thread: Pics post!

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    Pics post!

    Maybe I should just make a running post again like my old balcony post... maybe this will be it!

    Anyway, here's a pics update. I finally have pitchers a good 3ish months after getting some LED panels in! I've got garden plants (veggies, etc.) in with the Neps and stuff at the moment because it is a plant room after all. If I get a cheap estimate for the septic to sewer conversion I might be able to afford a greenhouse this year so I don't have to keep the plants in for a good year and a half, but we'll see!

    aaaaalmost! N.inermis


    Nep gaya

    Sarras, cobra and vft's outside

    The mouse patrol agent

    Strawberry towers (mixed varieties - some from dormant live plants, some from seed)

    D. multifida

    The tomato jungle - I neeeeeed to get stuff outside already!

    N. ventricosa xxTrusmadiensis (B)

    an anemic little looking pitcher that developed in the dark of winter without supplemental lighting

    N. boschiana

    N. tenuis with some developing platychila and I think thorellii x campanulata pitchers. It went a little brown cuz I fed it some milipedes and a stinkbug...

    D. prolifera and N.ampullaria - look at all the ants that pitcher gobbled up!

    N. burbidgeae my first pitcher!!

    N. jacquelineae x eymae

    a 'purple' Ceph

    a 'regular' Ceph (thanks Nan!!!!) with my first mature Ceph pitcher I've ever sprouted!

    Brom's blooming again

    N. edwardsiana

    Purple shamrock - thanks Ed from CSUF!

    Phal mutt

    Phal... rainbow's something. Thanks Chib! I think this one was from you!

    Office plants that I rescued right before the world went on lockdown - they don't know how lucky they are! Thx to Ed from CSUF for the spiderplant!

    N.hamata x platychila

    So the ants decided to nest *in* my Heli minor. AAAaaaah!! That's how so many got in the N.amp pitcher cuz they were all in the terrarium - so I sprayed it all down with poison and most of the plants looked worse for wear for a few days or week, but the Heli. It lost a LOT of pitchers but luckily it's still alive. I just trimmed off all the dead growth:

    D. x Andromeda

    Better shot of the D.prolifera

    I don't know if you can see them, but those are D.madagascariensis from seed in there (thanks NaN!). I planted them what seems like years ago and they're still microscopic :O

    N.izumiae x xTrusmadiensis x (the rain washed away the pollen donor tag! oh noes!) seedlings

    bunch of garden veggies

    I put the rhubarb (from seed) outside already - if just one survives I'll still be happy enough

    I think it's something like N.thorellii x khasiana... still 6mo after the move I need to go pull all the tags out of the potting mixes and stuff but it's just too packed in the plant room with the garden veggies right now to move around at all!

    N. glabrata

    N. campanulata x maxima

    N. platychila

    So I love N.hamiguitanensis. Too bad it doesn't grow for me because it wants super humid conditions. Like I'm guessing living in the clouds like a Heliamphora conditions - I ended up putting it in a terrarium too like my Heli and it still died back to a stick in the ground! I kept watering the dead stick and lo and behold - a sprout!


    I got edible fruit producing cactus seeds late last year because it seemed like a good idea at the time:

    U. alpina looking terrible but there's a very nice fern developing in the pot too...

    Well, the flower was too close to focus but there's photographic proof of it hahaha - P. laueana. The brom underneath is B.reducta I got at a LACPS meet last year finally!

    The other pings - thank for the purple one NaN!

    Mixed succulents from yard scraps in San Diego

    The succulents I bought, the cactuses were yard scraps too

    A 'garbage' fern from Calicarn

    My first batch of Lithops from seed!

    They turned out better than the second - I think its cuz I used slightly different soil and also transport to here from San Diego went rough for wee baby seedlings :O

    N. clipeata

    N. splendiana x xmixta

    N. ovata x (spectabilis x talangensis) seedlings!

    N. peltata

    Please give me pitchers again one day?? Please?!

    Last but certainly not least,
    VFT seedlings from last year:

    I'll try to get better pics once there's actually standing room open.
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    Looks like everything is settling in really well for you. It's always a very rewarding feeling when you see plants beginning to pitcher again isn't it? I'm especially jealous of that jacq x eymae.

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    Great looking plants! Is that your indoor growing space, or Jumanji?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Benny View Post
    Great looking plants! Is that your indoor growing space, or Jumanji?
    Definitely jumanji! You get there through the magical wardrobes...

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    Very nice, I'm glad to see things are responding well to the new lights! Congrats on the N.hamiguitanensis, I hope it's a good sign! I've had Neps that I was trying to nail down conditions do the same, just to have that new growth point die soon after. :-\ Love the N. platychila =)
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    Nice neps 'n dews! I've got a ton of cacti seedlings as well. What species are those ones?

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    Nice growing! Love the platychila!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vegetable Don View Post
    Nice neps 'n dews! I've got a ton of cacti seedlings as well. What species are those ones?
    Perfect timing, I was just taking pics earlier to make another post! I ordered a ton of seed from mesa gardens and got Eulychnia acida, Harrisia fragrans, Stenocereus gummosus and Trichocereus lobivioides because I heard those make the tastiest fruit. I know I've got years to go from this point, but ... I mean, I like growing plants Here's an update - they've done seemingly nothing lol

    In no particular order--

    N.inermis with a pile of pitchers finally! I fed them the slugs I found on my fennel a few mornings ago :O

    I'm working on polinating this N.vent x TM bloom with spectabilis x talangensis pollen

    The white/sleep sapote. Still small, still hanging on. Still don't know what it wants but on the dryer side is for sure

    I was just rewatching my old vlogs and in the first one or two I pointed out that these nodes were maaaybe sprouting teeny tiny little growth points and I thought it was a glabrata without checking the tag because it looks pretty similar to mikei without pitchers on it. Yup, glabby!

    N.ovata x (spectabilis x talangensis)

    And more seeds - I can't believe I've actually finally sprouted some Neps!

    Guess what I harvested today

    (it begins with a rob and ends with a spectalan )

    N.campy x bosch (or is it the other way around?)

    Pings a bloom!

    Oxalis still having a great time. Don't know what I'm doing right but I'm never moving that plant so I don't make it drop all its leaves again!


    Just repotted my rubber tree - I gave the bigger part of the plant away to a dear friend before I left San Diego because it was just too bit to transport and took this top cutting with me. I think it's grown a foot since I got here and if you notice, the pot still looks too small, but I tend to over water and keeping stuff like 'regular' houseplants in smaller pots limits the amount of water I can give things

    All the little baby Neps I got at the end of last year. So cute when they're so small!!

    The tillies they hang out with

    They're all in the 'baby plants' section aka 'not 5+ feet tall' area

    And the eddie in there finally is the proper color

    The tentaculata 'maroon spotted' from a now defunct store

    The terra - N.ampullaria finally pitchering again

    and so is the H.minor - finally putting up new leaves after the ant incident :O

    N.platychila uppers

    Vft babies from last year's blooms/seeds. They overwintered with the big plants in the cellar but are now in the plant room so some bird doesn't rip them up outside with the other bigger plants.

    N.ventricosa x inermis intermediate

    N.peltata (the red one) and N.hamiguitanensis (the dead looking twig)

    Some of my finally increasing fern collection!

    My surviving dwarf mango finally putting up new growth after I moved it to the plant room.

    This vent x TM stalk I pollinated with densiflora x robcantleyii

    stupid little lid aside, N.hamata x platychila uppers never fail to impress

    N. xsplendiana xMixta and campanulata x maxima pitchers. I'm soooo happy to finally have pitchers again!

    Variegated N.sibuyanensis growing in not variegated. Hmmmmmmm

    My office plants enjoying the darkest corner of the grow room. I guess neps like it brighter than most plants?

    Flowers for more flower beds outside!

    ferocious guard-beast

    An update on that N.jacuie x eymae now that it's grown in. So red!

    N.campanulata x maxima basal awww!

    Vanilla orchid vine. It looks bad but... I need to sort out what to do with it. Maybe drape it down a rack? It was definitely unhappy in the hallway with the mango so both of them are now in the plant room. It was supposed to be all variegated but I actually like having the contrast.

    N.campanulata x thorelli (or is it the other way around?)

    Weeeee little N.mikei basal pitcher

    And an upper at the same height as me

    I'm starting some veggie seeds for a dear friend of mine be continued...

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