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Thread: Sarracenia with no lid?

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    Sarracenia with no lid?

    Hi all!
    My friend sent me this picture and I have never seen anything like it! I was hoping the more experienced growers on here could tell me if they have ever seen this sort of thing before.

    This pitcher (just this one) of a Hurricane Creek Leuco (don't know which clone) developed without a lid. It did not have one to start and lost it, it never had one. If you look at the above angle photo it looks like a mirror image of the other side. The only other plant that I have heard of that has a reduced lid id "Bris".
    Sarracenia with no lid?-thumbnail_image000000-jpgSarracenia with no lid?-image000001-jpg

    If anyone has seen this before please let me know so I can pas son the info.


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    There are a lot of Sarracenia clones that produce stunted lids as a standard appearance, just not registered as cultivars. A one-off pitcher like this is likely just a hormonal fluke.
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    Agreed, you'll see lots of one-offs but that one is pretty cool!

    You'll especially tend to see incorrectly developed pitchers as your plants are shifting to/away from making phyllodia.
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