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Thread: Black light Sarracenia

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    Black light Sarracenia

    Hi all, these are a bit late for Halloween but I still wanted to share them. My daughter and I took some pics of my Sarracenia under UV light. Since she was helping I don’t know what all the types were but I will label the ones I do know. Enjoy!
    Black light Sarracenia-033902d0-4d98-4406-b3ae-340626cabe40-jpg
    Above and below are a Leah Wilkerson
    Black light Sarracenia-17af4d54-acc8-4137-b4b5-7bfcca155a27-jpg

    Black light Sarracenia-7466e000-e35e-4140-82d0-80bd7dc51c09-jpg
    Black light Sarracenia-d3446343-58fe-4ad0-89b1-906cfc0320e8-jpg
    Black light Sarracenia-1def943e-47a0-4ba8-8a8d-fb4aee78b930-jpg
    Black light Sarracenia-7fbecd6b-2a28-48f8-a017-7183c1485ddc-jpg

    Below is the Lacy Boggs hybrid, thanks to adnedarn for helping me post this pic!

    Edit: Missing photo help
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    That is soo cool! I wonder what it means to insects when they see that. Do you know?

    Thanks for posting. Those plants are beautiful, and even more so with their hidden markings!

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    Neat idea, interesting there are some ultraviolet reactive markings on some!

    Added Lacy Bogs photo to top post.
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