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Thread: Starting up in winter? ? ?

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    Hi there. This forum is awesome, and I have a question to pose to all you veterans....
    I used to have carnivorous plants back when I was in middle school, but that was a while ago, so here's my question:
    Can I start a whole home growing operation in the Winter? I live in WA, so Winter has just started, but I really don't want to wait until Spring to get everything going. Any of you have any suggestions?

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    sure you can! but some genus are dormancy in winter, like Dionaeas, Sarracenias Darlingtonias, some droseras and pinguiculas. so Nepenthes are great genus to start!
    some Nepenthes hybrid (lowland) is very easy to grow example N.x.ventrata (ventricosa x alata).....but terrarium and extra-light would be great help!
    good luck!

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    I would say you could start anything you want. as long as you can provide the conditions necessary... long photo periods and warmth. I have many young plants that I started just before winter. and my grow room now is kept at 75-80 degrees and the lights are on for 18 hours. the thing is young plants can skip their first dormancy. so my plan (this is my first year doing this) is to keep these conditions, then in the summer as the days fall shorter to follow them. then these plant will had been awake for 1 year and will be ready for dormancy...
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