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Thread: Happy Birthday!

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    Happy Birthday! Hope 21 is all you hoped it would be and more!

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    WOW!! thank you everyone!! this put a big smile on my face!!! see....

    yeah, i have been busy lately and this is the first time ive been back on the forum in a while. well, here are some updates. my G. violacea is growin a flower stalk. my U. livida is startin to produce flower stalks as well. i also purchased a S. flave and S. leucophylla. ive only had them a few days and theyre already capturing massive amounts of insects!!!

    also, i was thinking of converting my fish talk into a rainforest type habitat. i think im getting tired of the fish. i want to put some bromeliads and tillandsia in there along with some of my utrics. then i was thinkin of getting some poison dart frogs to put in there..what do ya all think?? well, thank you all again and have a great day!

    through understanding of our differences, we will find respect for one another. we are all flesh and blood. i am not affraid to speak my mind. no matter the consequences, stay true to yourself. through the humble eyes of a child, we will realize true equality.

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