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Thread: Added New Plants...

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    I found some CP's that were available . It was a green house, the plants looked like some of those Home Depo kind of plants that are just hanging on. Anyhow I could not resist buying them (4). They had a Cape Sundew, Pigmy Sundew, Common Flytraps, and a Sarracenia purpurea pitcher plant (I believe thatís what it is). It is great to see CP's plant in MI. The guy bought them from was trying to grow them too. I did my best to help him. It really inspires me when I find someone who is interested can not help but help them . So that brings my little collection of plants to SIX. YES, it growing!!!

    The unfortunate thing is that the flytraps looked really bad. They already produced flowers and were turning brown. So I only bought one. The other plants that they had I took them all and they seem in fair shape. Time to work my majic...I just love these plants soooooo much!!! Some thing about buying Cp's and saving them gives you that warm cuddling feeling - don't it?

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    Careful Travis. The sneaky little varmits have a way of multiplying suddenly. At the beginning of this month I had 7 plain, ordinary, mundane VFTs. I have had them for I don't know how many years. Suddenly, in less than 3 weeks they mutated into 3 sundews, 5 sarracenias, 4 green dragons, 4 red dragons, a Utricularia, 3 N. ventricosa as well as the original 7 VFTs. Beware!! You have been warned!!

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