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Thread: I just broke my hand today

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    Auw, that is a bummer! Hope everything heals back to normal. For me I have never broken bone (knock on wood ). The only thing that I have done is threw my arm out of socket while grappling. It hurt like mad...although going to the hospital was cool as they give all sorts of pain killers and then put you out for awhile .

    \"Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go.\"
    -- Oscar Wilde

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    Hope you feel better soon
    I broke my toe on Friday lol.. so I'm hobbling around.. at least it doesn't interfere with my typing though. I broke plate in my face once.. that hurt

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    A plate in your face?!?!
    How on earth did you manage that (or do you mean you broke the kind of plate you eat on OVER your face?)

    Travis...You'll appreciate this one....I broke some else's toe grappling once...Went for some sort of leg lock, and my hand slipped off his big toe (sweaty). Well, it happened to catch on his pinky toe....SNAP....EEEEWWWWWW! << Shudder >>
    Boy, I felt TERRIBLE..
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